Best Friend for Body; Low Calorie Berries Pudding with Bread. If you go on a diet, currently, and still want to eat deliciously and enjoy your life, this low calorie desert recipes are easy to follow. The basic ingredient would be berries. Yum, you can almost imagine everything this beautiful and amazing dessert in your mouth. What are the ingredients and how to make it? Follow the steps, enjoy your time noting this!


First, you will need ten slices of non-skin white bread, cut them into two pieces. Then, you need strawberry juice; this juice is made of 650 gram clean strawberry, 150 gram fresh raspberry, 100 gram sugar, 60 ml water. Then, prepare for the filling and mix it together; it consist of 450 gram berries that can be raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry, 20 gram sugar, a half piece of lemon juice. And the last touch, you need mint leaf.


The first step, make the non-skin white bread staging in a tray of pudding, make layers. DonÔÇÖt forget to put two slices of bread in the base of tray. Then blend the strawberry into the food processor, drain and only use the essence. Next, dip each of bread into the strawberry juice, then stage them again in the tray. Next, pour the filling while you push it inside, gently. Cover the base of tray with slices of bread, dipped in the strawberry.
The next step, wrap the tray with plastic wrap. Put it in refrigerator for one night. Then after that, open the plastic wrap for a while before you serve it. How to get it off then? Place a plate in the bottom of the tray and get it off gently. You can also use a knife dipped in the hot boiling water for a while. By this way, the pudding will not stick on it. Then the last one, serve with the mint leaf.

Additional Tips

If you want to add more fruits, you can always do. This low calorie desert recipes are easy and simple. Yet, it is rich with vitamin came from the berried. Besides, kids will also love it. The texture of bread will give them another sensation and want them to munch this again and again. If you are fancy with yoghurt, you can also have it as sauce. The sauce can also be combined with other sour fruit like mango, to make this low calorie desert recipes easy to consume, to absorb indigestion.


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