Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes to Go on Diet

Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes to Go on Diet

Homemade Frozen Fruity Ice Cream, the Quick and Easy Dessert to Go on Diet!
Who says that if you want to make quick and easy dessert recipes, you have to bug yourself with a set of rules because you have to deal with stove and stuff? That is probably the one you want to handle, but if there is an easier way, why not? The recipe below is much recommended for someone who currently goes on diet. Everything is raw and simply processed, or chopped.

Main Ingredients



Put all the fruits in a freezer for about 3 hours straight. Make sure that they are all frozen when you get them out. Next one, you can use food processor to just smash them. Or, if you don’t have the tools, you can always smash them with forks, making sure that they are perfectly blended together. When you have finished with this step, you can pour some of the sauce made of the yoghurt you have, the ice cream, or the plain milk. Next, you can serve it happily with your happy tummy on the way!

Get Inspired

From the quick and easy dessert recipes above, you can learn that you can always mix whatever you find in your refrigerator right after going shopping in a market. A dessert doesn’t always mean you have to mix flour or egg, and put it in a fry pan. Get inspired and find the one you love. If you get used to it, your body will accept the vitamin and also get used to it. You will no longer need any preservative and want to eat junk food dessert then, if this fruity frozen ice cream is all you get! and for you who love soup and want to diet .. you can try vegetable soup recipe for diet

Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes to Go on Diet

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